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Application in Precision Medical Devices

The medical industry has high safety and precision requirements for medical devices used in treatment. With the great improvement of medical technology, the complexity of medical devices also increases. The safety and stability of automation control of medical devices largely determine the effect and safety of treatment. The repeatability of ZeroErr eCoder series encoder reached an unprecedented ±15 arc second, which can be applied to a variety of medical devices.

Application in Precision Medical Devices

Measuring angle: Image detection device in medical device outputs and detects the rotation angle of image device by measuring angle change. For example, both gastrointestinal machines and vascular device are equipped with electromagnetic encoders that measure changes in Angle, thus checking the device's performance.

Measuring velocity: Measuring rotating shaft of medical devices and angular velocity and linear velocity of rotating motors is the main function of encoder applications. Medical device running status and malfunction are reflected by analyzing the changes of angular velocity and linear velocity.

Measuring position: encoder has the memory of motor reaching to each left positions during its operation. By controlling the coordinate position, the device can be adjusted to make corresponding actions and achieve the treatment goal of the device.