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Firmware Versions

About firmware updates for eRob Rotary Actuators

  • Learn about changes and features included in the firmware updates for your eRob rotary actuators.

Find your eRob firmware version For example

  • To use the PC software to check your eRob firmware version, which displayed in the lower right corner of the main interface of the PC software.

Module firmware update tool: CANUpdateTool

(Click to Download)
  • Integrated with the latest firmware (X4012911X)
  • Support eRob ratary actuator module firmware update via the CAN communication interface.

Firmware versions

Firmware Version Release Time Changes and Features

Pulse Direction Control Mode

  • New Feature: Pulse direction control mode now includes IO-motion completion signal output.
  • Optimization: Input IO enable function only operates in conjunction with the pulse direction control mode; IO enable is ineffective in other control modes.

Power-Up Time

  • Optimization: Reduced the time required for the servo to be fully prepared from 8 seconds to 5 seconds during power-up.

Brake Control

  • Optimization: Improved the handling of brake release after enabling, reducing the time required for brake release.

Object Dictionary

  • New Feature: Modify the "Bus Adjust PID" parameter through object dictionary 0x2383.
  • New Feature: Configure velocity feedforward gain via object dictionary 0x2382-03h.

Brake Control

  • Optimized the processing logic of Enable brake release.

Object Dictionary

  • Modified the contents of object dictionary 0x1009 and 0x100A.

CANopen Communication

  • Fixed CANopen Ver. TxPDO no response issue.

Operation Mode

  • Added support for Homing mode.

Fault Protection

  • Optimized:When the power supply voltage drops to 19V, only update error code 0xF008 (the bus voltage is lower than the minimum allowable power supply voltage of 19V)

Modbus Communication

  • Added a Modbus address to read the singleturn encoder value at the motor end and the singleturn encoder value at the load end.

PT Mode

  • Added torque ramp planning in PT mode.

Profile Position Mode(immediate update)

  • Optimized immediate update in profile position mode

Pulse Direction Function

  • Fixed the problem that the control mode set by the pulse direction control does not take effect;
  • Optimized the pulse direction control function. Servo enable by default after power-on can be configured by inputting the IO function, and it will take effect when the IO polarity is reversed.

Mechanical Zero Calibration

  • Fixed the problem that the position jump after the power is turned off and on at a particular position after the mechanical zero point calibration function is applied to the singleturn and multiturn actuators.

Fail Safe

  • Added the disconnection detection function of CANopen, and the error code is 0x8130.
  • Optimized the processing logic of 0xA000 alarm.

Brake Control

  • Optimized the handling of brake release after enabling.

Mechanical Zero Calibration

  • Fix the problem of position jump after power off and power on in the multiturn eRob actuator applied with mechanical zero calibration function.

CiA402 State Machine

  • Fix the problem that the enable bit of the status word is not cleared when the brake is enabled by using the object dictionary 0x4602 after the enable is turned off.

Profile Position Mode(Immediate update)

  • Fix the problem that profile position mode does not run according to the set deceleration during the immediate update reverse movement process.
X3022016X 2023/02/22

Fail Safe

  • Delete multiturn counting error.
  • Fix the problem of multiturn count failure caused by voltage fluctuation after quick power-off and power-on.

CAN communication firmware upgrade function

  • Fix the problem that the firmware upgrade fails when the EtherCAT version rotary actuator performs online firmware upgrade through CAN communication.
X3020217X 2023/02/03

Control Mode Switching Function

  • Fix the problem that the mode switching fails when the master controller frequently switches the operating mode of the eRob rotary actuator slave online through 0x6060.

Mechanical Zero Calibration Function

  • Add mechanical zero calibration function of eRob multiturn rotary actuator (applicable to eRob model: eRobxxxxxxxx-xM-18xx ).

Pulse direction Function

  • Optimize the pulse direction control function, which can be configured through the input IO function to enable the servo to be enabled by default after power-on.