eRob Rotary Actuator

Make Robot Development Easier, Faster And More Reliable

eRob I Series

Larger Hollow Shaft,Smaller Outer Diameter,High Precision Electric Actuators

Providing high torque and highly accurate rotary operation

eRob T Series

T-shaped Design,Protection IP65,Same Performance as eRob I Series

The easiest and the most cost effective solution for building robot arm fast.

eRob 70F

Compact,Lightweight,Hollow Shaft Servo Actuators

Delivering high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.The fastest means to advance the development of cutting-edge medical devices.



Rotary Actuators

Zeroerr erob70f
Zeroerr erob70i
Zeroerr erob80i
Zeroerr erob90i
Zeroerr erob110iv4
Zeroerr erob110i
Zeroerr erob142i
Zeroerr erob170i


Magnetic Encoders

Zeroerr eCoder11
Zeroerr eCoder18
Zeroerr eCoder20
Zeroerr eCoder35
Zeroerr eCoder35H
Zeroerr eCoder45
Zeroerr eCoder65


About ZeroErr

ZeroErr stands for Zero Error Motion Control. We design, develop and manufacture rotary actuators and encoders which are widely used in automation industry, collaborative robots, surgical robots and bionic robots. More than thousands of customer groups in the global use simple combinations with our products makes wide range of applications.

ZeroErr is committed to providing reliable quality standard production, cost-effective products and quick response technical support, enabling our customers to accelerate innovation, improve productivity and achieve extraordinary application performance.

Production Process


ZeroErr eRob rotary actuators are of reliable quality.

From the inspection of incoming materials, assembly, testing to product delivery, every process is strictly controlled and the whole process is standardized.

Receiving and Incoming Inspection

Appearance: 100% visually inspected.

Dimension: 100% inspected by CMM.

Receiving and incoming inspection is a crucial step in the manufacturing process, as it ensures that all materials and components used in production meet the required quality standards.

This process involves carefully inspecting and documenting all incoming materials, components, and products, to ensure that they meet the specifications and requirements.


Motor: Use special fixture for positioning and installation to ensure the bearing position flatness is less than 0.01mm.

Harmonic gear: Use concentricity fixture for assembly to ensure the concentricity is less than 0.015mm.

Screwing: Use diagonal method to pre-tighten the screws, then use torque screwdrivers to tighten each screw with the preset torque value.


After assembly, implement calibration test, load test and transmission accuracy test to ensure the transmission accuracy range is within ±15 arcsec.


To ensure the label matches the actual product. And then pack them well and storage.



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